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The cookie explanation below has been drawn up in a partnership between industry parties and discussed with regulator OPTA (2012) To offer you more service when visiting websites, most sites use cookies. These are useful techniques to collect and use information. Websites are therefore easier to use. For example, cookies ensure that you can remain logged in to a website or that your preferences, such as location and language settings, are remembered. In addition, they keep track of your digital shopping cart when shopping online. Thanks to cookies, website owners can also see how often their sites - and which pages - are viewed by visitors. Furthermore, some cookies make it possible to track your surfing behavior. This allows sites and advertisers to learn about your preferences so that they can show more relevant ads. In most cases, advertisements are necessary to fund the website. Thanks to cookies, they are adapted as much as possible to your own interests.

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Do not experiment without enough knowledge

Prevent accidents when working with heat or chemicals! Dangerously poisonous substances are indicated with some of the recipes. However, one should never forget that all chemicals are relatively dangerous. After working with chemicals, one must therefore in any case wash one's hands, while one is not allowed to touch one's eyes with one's hands during work. When working with flammable liquids, there must be absolutely no fire in the surrounding. On this website we reproduce translations of original recipes, published in the 1930's and later. Please read the introduction on the main page with topics such as heating (above water bath, or au bain-marie) and other safety matters. Use protective clothing, gloves and goggles when working with hazardous substances. Some recipes or substances mentioned in recipes may have become obsolete, no longer available, no longer allowed or even downright dangerous. Consider, for example, asbestos. But also dangerous substances such as arsenic and strychnine. So do not copy recipes without knowledge or with dangerous or prohibited substances.

Do not experiment without enough knowledge. We decline all responsibility with regard to errors in the information, in the translation, possible harmfulness of mentioned substances and possible harmful consequences of working with these substances or of following the translated recipes on this website. All what you do with the recipes, also the results of your handling with the recipes is for your own risk. Our motto is only: Don't let old knowledge go to waste.

NB! When working with chemicals or in other dangerous circumstances, think about body protection. Think about products as safety goggles or total face protection if necessary, safety gloves, protective clothing, safety shoes, safety helmet and respiratory protection. Always work in a well-ventilated area, always protect your breathing if necessary.

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We decline all responsibility with regard to errors in the information, in the translation, possible harmfulness of mentioned substances and possible harmful consequences of working with these substances or of following the translated recipes on this website. For more information you read the disclaimer.
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