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Lip make-up and lip care products homemade

DIY: make your own lip rouge, lip balm, lip ointment and lipstick according to the industrial recipes below.

Lip rouge (indelible)

Recipe no. 1. (early 1900's)
Castor oil 300 dl
Lanolin 45 dl
Beeswax 45 dl
Eosin 30 dl
Lacquer red 30 dl
Recipe no. 2. (early 1900's)
Castor oil 270 dl
Cetyl alcohol 45 dl
Stearic acid 12 dl
Lanolin 45 dl
Glycerin monostearate 45 dl
Eosin 25 dl
Lacquer red 12 dl
Perfume can be added to both recipes if desired. The mass can be adjusted to the desired shade with the aid of artificially lacquered, i.e. insoluble tar dyes.

Lip balm

Recipe (early 1900's)
Paraffin oil 600 dl
Vaseline 200 dl
Paraffin 200 dl
Ozokerite 25 dl
Beeswax 75 dl
Perfume one tenth of a percent
The material is first melted together and the perfume is added during cooling. The pomade is used to prevent the lips from popping. If the price allows it, it is recommended to replace part of the petroleum products with lanolin, olive oil and cocoa butter. By grinding a few percent fine zinc oxide with the mixture, the material becomes whiter and the pomade has a healing effect on inflamed lips.

Lip ointment

Recipe (1938)
Cocoa butter 20
Spermaceti 15
Beeswax 10
Ceresin 10
Lanolin Anhydrous 10
Cetiol 45


Recipe (1938)
Ceraflux 13 .5 dl
Cetiol 6
Beeswax 10
Ceresin 4 .3 dl
Lanette wax 1 .5 dl
Perfume 1 .2 dl
Stearacol 54
Red lacquer pigment 6 .5 dl
Eosin 3


Recipe (1938)
Yellow Vaseline 1800
Yellow ceresin 500
Sweet almond oil 500
Spermaceti 1000
Carnauba wax 1000
Eucolor 800
First the spermaceti and wax are melted, then the molten solution of ceresin, vaseline and almond oil is added and finally the eucolor. You must constantly stir well.

Lipstick for the stage

Recipe (early 1920's)
Vaseline 40 dl
Paraffin 20 dl
Paraffin oil 10 dl
Carnauba wax 5 dl
Lanolin 5 dl
Pigment (color) 10 dl
Perfume as desired
As a coloring agent, one generally takes again a harmless red to orange organic artificial lacquer.

Lipstick (non-marking)

Recipe (early 1900's)
Olive oil 16 dl
Cocoa butter 8 dl
Stearic acid 6 dl
Paraffin 8 dl
Beeswax 7 dl
Carnauba wax 1 dl
Lanolin 2 dl
Eosin 3 dl
Carmine 3 dl
Propyl Parahydroxy Benzoate 0.1 %
Perfume as desired
The oil is first melted with the waxes. The insoluble dye is finely ground with the oil, the soluble dye is simply dissolved upon melting.
The properties of such lipsticks can be changed by changing the ratio of oil and wax. In addition, the insoluble pigments work differently than the oil-soluble dyes. In addition, a coloring agent is sometimes added, which is water-soluble, such as tartrasine and ponceau.

Lipstick (kissproof)

Recipe (early 1920's)
Yellow vaseline 91 dl
White ceresin 17 dl
Paraffin 6 dl
Ozokerite 6 dl
Carnauba wax 42 dl
Sweet almond oil 20 dl
Paraffin oil 33 dl
Color powder approx.40 dl
Color Fixator P&S 48 dl
The carnauba wax is melted. The other waxes and fats are first melted together, after which the carnauba wax is added to the other fats. Half of the mass is now mixed with the color powder and ground very finely on a roller machine until no more dots can be found with the magnifying glass. Then the second half of the fats are added and the entire mass is heated on a water bath.

Meanwhile, the fixer for lipsticks has also been melted on a water bath and the melted fixer is now added to the entire mass. The mass is allowed to cool with steady stirring to prevent color from settling on the bottom. The still semi-liquid mass is perfumed and poured into cold moulds. The lipstick is absolutely "kissproof"

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